The leader and founder of the Brickmasons, LegoBro is a jack of all trades when it comes to mapmaking.

Legobro's thoughts on his projects:

My goal with dogfight was to create an action packed dogfighting adventure where you can blast your friends in the air.

Relics from the Deck was an idea I wanted to make for a long time. The end result is really fun, although I'm still not sure how balanced it really is...

Doubloon Buffoons was created for the 2021 Stickypiston Mapjam with the goal of supporting many players. I learned a few tricks with WorldEdit that have helped me a lot with this one.

Killstreak is a project I've created many times. I've always loved ranged combat, and Killstreak shows it at its best.

A Fox's Life was inspired by PS2 era collectathons, and was really quite fun. There are quite a few YouTube videos on this map that I have enjoyed watching.

Palindroid was created for the 2020 Yeggs mapjam with the theme "Rewind". This map turned out really well, but hasn't gained much traction due to it's high difficulty.

Limitless merchant was created for the MCMaps 2021 Mapjam with the theme "Beyond Limits". We bit off a little more than we could chew with this one, but it still ended up being quite a complex map for a mapjam.

This was the first map I did working with a couple people, and was a remaster of the first Gravity. My favorite part of this map still is the light gun, it lead to very interesting puzzle design.

Space Aces was my first map on realms. It went through many versions where I greatly improved my skills with resource packs and datapacks.

Build on Up was a map we created for the Fingermaps mapjam with the theme of Construction. The game worked well, but turned out to not be that fun.

NFTycoon was a map I created for the Yeggs 2021 Mapjam with the themes of Gift, and Flip. We mostly made this game as a joke.