Gold Rush


Map Name: Gold Rush

Map Creators: Xisuma


What I liked

The map itself is very fun and fast paced, what is also nice is the multiple maps that were made for the game. While a small thing there is some very simple parkour in the lobby that times you, I found myself and the others I played with trying to get the fastest time. Another thing I liked was the use of Pigmen to get the gold and not just spawning gold like a BedWars generator, it added a nice twist in where you had to really work and strategize in order to get points. All in all I would recommend this map as long as you have a group of 4 or more.

What I think could be improved

While I enjoyed the map, there are a few minor things I think could be changed. Number 1, I noticed that while you can buy better weapons you can't buy better armor you are stuck with leather armor, which unfortunately make not only the unenchanted bow over powered but also the other weapons you can buy as well. Number 2, is that your upgrades are lost upon death, which by itself wouldn't be and issue but were because of how expensive some upgrades are and how much xp you need to collect. But other than these things it's a great map to play with friends.


(8 of 10)

Written by Thinkrocks12