Map Name: PvBee

Map Creators: MelonBP, hilligans, Rman

Link: https://youtu.be/U_REGlIBt74

What I liked

Uniqueness, PvBee while like other PvE maps was very creative and unique. I liked how well constructed the arena was. The different kinds of bees gave a nice twist to the game along with the different effects different bees would give you. While I didn't try the harder difficulties easy mode was still very challenging even though it was played with 3 people including myself, but while it wasn't terribly difficult it was in my opinion just right and I could see myself trying the harder difficulties in the future with some more people. The over all mechanics of this map were very well made which gives the map a nice and polished feel to it. A lot of time, effort and thought were put into the making of this map which is always nice to see. Overall this is a great map and I would recommend that you get some friends to play it and have fun.

What I think could be improved

While the map itself was very well made there are only a few minor things that could be improved. Number 1. After each wave you are teleported to a shop to upgrade or buy items and after buying our items we were confused how to start the next wave, there was a lever in the shop that you would think would start the next wave but it doesn't it instead resets all your progress, while not a huge problem could be but otherwise doesnt't effect the gameplay of the map. Number 2. I felt as if the weapons could be a little more balanced, for instance you are given a golden sword and a bow that are both unenchanted and as you progress you can upgrade them, but if you are able to save up enough honeycombs you can buy a crossbow with multi-shot and piecing which eliminates the need for the bow and the sword, which again doesn't have a huge effect on the gameplay and the fun of this map.


(9 of 10)

Written by Thinkrocks12