Tower Defense


Map Name: Tower Defense

Map Creators: Yeggs


What I liked

Tower Defense is a very fun and unique map, there are 3 different maps to choose from that range in difficulty from easy to hard that are very well made. There are also 5 towers to choose from that are also well made, and have very unique upgrades. The different kinds of minecarts give a nice twist to the map and really makes you think and strategize about what towers to place and which ones to upgrade instead of just placing a bunch of the same ones, you actually have to use the whole roster of tower which I really enjoyed. This map also supports both single and multiplayer but I recommend playing with a friend as it adds to the fun.

What I think could be improved

While this map is well made like other maps there are some things to could be changed or improved, and as usual they are minor things. Number 1, The UI I noticed that when trying to upgrade a tower it's very easy to accidently sell a tower. Number 2, Again when trying to upgrade a tower If you are next to the tower the hitbox can be weird, you have to be a little bit of a distance away for it to register. Number 3, The first map you play is a little difficult to pass, when you get to the final few waves it gets significantly more difficult. But other than these few things it's a great map to play with friends or by yourself.


(8 of 10)

Written by Thinkrocks12