Gravity Remastered

Created by LegoBro, ThatGreenGem

"Can you escape it?"

After waking up from being hit, you are put through some jumping test chambers.

✧ Sentient AI

After waking up from what seems to be a bad dream, you meet what seems to be a sentient AI. This AI teaches you the basics of pad parkour.

✧ Pad Parkour

Each pad gives you a unique status effect, and you must use them in order to escape each chamber. Features 11 different pads to learn and master in different combinations.

✧ Unique Items

* Laser Sword

* Light Beamer (Gun that shoots Lasers)

* Canned Food (Best Feature of the Map)

* Portable Shield

* Safety Stompers

✧ Combat Rooms

Spread throughout the map are Combat Rooms to take your mind off of the parkour.

✧ Multiplayer Friendly

This map is available for any amount of players, so you can play with all your friends. However, we recommend to play in Singleplayer, or with just one friend for the optimal experience.

✧ Speedrunning

If you want a bit more of a challenge, you can also try speed running the map. You can do a Solo speedrun, or with a friend. Try to get a good time, and send a video of it to us via our discord or the comments and we'll add it to the leaderboard!

✧ The Beginning of a Series

Gravity is just the first map of this series, stay tuned for Gravity II