Meet the Team


The founder of the Brickmasons. I have over 7 years of mapmaking behind my belt, and have focused primarily on command research, which is a fancy way of saying I mess around with command blocks.


Hello! I'm the visual brain of the team. I enjoy creating models and textures for resource packs in minecraft. I try and help make the maps as creative and as fun as possible.


Hey! I'm Barspins, I've been placing blocks in minecraft since 2011. I like to build crazy ideas sometimes and usually it works out, sometimes it doesn't. I've recently gotten into map making, learning as I go!


Hey! I'm thinkrocks12. I'm the guy that reviews and will judge you and everything you do. (Not really but kinda.) Have fun!


Hello! I make my own maps in my own time but here I help with decisions and give suggestions. I can also make texture packs, and make builds.


Hey! I’m sac, I’ve been playing Minecraft from a long time and lately I’m focusing on mapmaking, building to be precise. I’m also trying to get good at landscaping.

J Brimstone

Yo! Brimstone here, I've been playing Minecraft since the 1.3.2 and modeling since late 2019. I've always been interested in map making from the time of the great CTMs, I do building, 3D modeling, texturing and gameplay design! I hope u like our craft :)


hey this Nadia more of an all rounder and think out side box can build and work with worldedit. good with computers and server admin


Hey my name is Jevin and I've been creating Minecraft maps for about a year now. My job mostly consists of typing words into VS code and hoping it works (aka datapacks).


Hi, I'm Fox. I can make Datapacks, Models and Plugins and build basic Structures, but I'm mostly coding fancy tools for making mapmaking easier. I started my journey with the Brickmasons not too long ago and look forward to create some awesome projects with the Team!


Hey, I'm Lucuma, and I build structures for the team! I work on improving my skills and passing on what I know to other Brickmasons.


Hi! I'm Malas, your friendly neighborhood mapmaker trying his best to create fun and unique maps!


Hey I'm Aandeel, I'm a Minecraft map-maker, games developer, and streamer - I love to create and make things for people to enjoy!


Hey! I'm Ultra, I make all kinds of things from custom models to datapacks! I love making experiences for people to enjoy as I myself have enjoyed so many over the years. I look forward to working on more projects with this amazing team!

Thanks to Novaskin wallpapers for images of the team.


Spartan Scooter - ThatGreenGem

Simon Walker - LegoBro

icrdr - Barspins

PalmTree - thinkrocks12

Sunny Ye.

Arcike - J Brimstone, Nadia

ArchiZoom - TheMalas

olozhika - Aandeel