Just press Spacebar 3

Created by Zombie1111

1+ players

15+ minutes playtime

This is a fast-paced parkour map with a unique menu system, moving blocks and a complex ranking/timer system. Collect double jump and elytra powerups on the way to the end. Explore 15 different levels with all kinds of themes and obstacles. Chose if you want to race against your friends in the race gamemode or if you rather speedrun the map on your own in the speedrun gamemode. Are you good enough to get gold medal in all 15 levels?

Spacebar Features

  • +Moving blocks

  • +Double jump and elytra powerups

  • +Multiplayer friendly

  • +3 unique gamemodes

  • +Fast-paced medium difficult parkour that is fun for all players

  • +15 different high quality levels

  • +A unique menu system

  • +Custom sound effects, visual effects and textures

  • +Smart checkpoint and auto teleport system

  • +Advanced timer and ranking system

  • +Official leaderboard for speedrunners to compare their best times