Noob To Winner

Created by Zombie1111

1+ players

15+ minutes playtime

You have been challenged to complete the winners exam parkour course to become a winner! Durring the fast-paced parkour course you will be met with all different kinds of obstacles and custom effects like zipline, double jump and moving blocks. Your task is to reach all checkpoints and eventually get to the top. Are you good enough to become a winner or will you be a noob forever?

Map Features

  • +Fast-paced parkour that is fun for everyone

  • +Animated custom effects like speed boost and draw bridge

  • +Custom sound and particle effects

  • +Multiplayer friendly

  • +Official leaderboard for speedrunners to compare their best times

  • +Checkpoints and a fail counter (Can you get 0 fails?)

  • +Spectate mode (Fly around and explore or spy on other players :])

  • +Easter eggs and other secret features to discover